Rubber Tree


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Ficus Elastica Ruby AKA Rubber Tree 🌳 

Rubber Trees typically grow in regions of Nepal, Northeastern India, China, and Malaysia. Contrary to what the name suggests, Rubber Trees are 100% real, live plants. They are given their name because natural rubber can be made from their sap! Rubber Trees can tolerate temperatures ranging from 60°-95° and humidity ranging from 20%-100%.

Looking for a different variety of Rubber Trees with a little more flavor? Check out our Ficus Tineke, the Variegated Rubber Tree featuring cream and green patterned leaves.




They enjoy bright, indirect light if grown indoors. Outdoors, they can take 6 hours of sun.

Ficus like to dry out fully in between waterings. When watering your Ficus make sure to fully saturate the substrate.