Ficus Tineke


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Variegated Rubber Tree aka Ficus Elastica 'Tineke'

This popular variety of Rubber Tree features beautiful green and cream leaves with pink veins! Today, Ficus Tinekes are typically cultivated in both tropical & arid regions of the Americas and can reach heights of 98 ft – 131 ft... whoa. Tinekes can tolerate temperatures ranging from 60° – 95° and humidity ranging from 20–100%.

Contrary to what the name suggests, this is a living plant! Bringing a wonderful tree like this into your home/office is sure to bring paradise along with it. 🌴

Looking for the standard, burgundy-colored Rubber Tree? Check out our Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica Ruby) instead.

4" pot



Tinekes dig bright, indirect lighting.

This plant likes to dry out fully in between waterings. When watering your Tineke, make sure to fully saturate the soil.