Yoga in Paradise

by Paradise


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Are you ready for another yoga session with Paradise’s favorite guide?!? Brought to you by Emily Cox, this morning class will take place at 9 AM in the natural tranquility of The Guild Garden and kick off a day of events*.

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Emily is a yoga teacher turned holistic healer. She has a passion for getting upside down and being involved in her community. She is a licensed Holistic Nutritionist and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor with more than 10 years of personal practice and 6 years of teaching experience. She started her own wellness business in 2017 where she helps individuals take back the reins of their health through sustainable- yet systematic practices. You can expect her classes to be challenging in both mind and body as she incorporates the fun, effortless feel of dancing while maintaining the eastern integrity of the yoga method. 

Emily combines sequencing that is creative, playful and empowering. Bringing to light awareness and mindfulness, she seeks to help others find a nurturing balance in their lives through the unionization of breath and body.


*Join us in a day of art, live music, drinks, food, and PLANTS- Aug 23 9-5