Grow & Supply Services

Our Offerings

  • Custom commercial and residential garden, greenhouse and large-scale cultivation consultation
  • Grow room & greenhouse design, including CAD
  • Facility design and construction, indoor, greenhouse, sealed greenhouse, outdoor
  • Lighting layout and design: HID and LED
  • Commercial Account Manager
  • Growing methodology consulting; soil, hydro, etc.
  • Automation and irrigation
  • General plant health management
  • Products & services available for delivery

Hands-on grow coaching for the less experienced.

In addition to the collaborative design, installation and upkeep of your garden, throughout our consultation we’ll also typically discuss water harvesting and conservation, soil management and general design and infrastructure considerations toward the goals of the project. Of course we’re also glad to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

Our Brands

We’ve listed some of our most-loved house brands here.

We have full access to a wide catalogue of additional brands as well, so please just reach out if you don’t see your preferred brand and we’ll gladly accommodate you.