Our Services

Bask in the glorious benefits of plants, thanks to helping hands however you need them.

In addition to our products and activities, we offer a variety of services for growers and plant enthusiasts of all kinds and at any scale. Check out services below and contact us for more details!

Plant Doctor

The Doctor is in! Bring any of your struggling plant friends in to see the Dr anytime (even if you didn't purchase them from us). No appointment necessary and only $5/patient (max 10 plants per visit please).

Installations + Interior Landscape Solutions

Residential homes, corporate spaces, public grounds, tiny houses, #Vanlifers on the road... plant installations are possible anywhere. 

Plant Maintenance

Routine plant care that includes tasks such as watering, fertilizing, dusting, trimming, rotating, and more.

Photo Rental

Liven up your special occasion photos with the perfect backdrop! Reach out for private hourly Paradise rental.

Plant + Planter Rentals

Not ready to commit? You can still benefit. Check out our rental plans and try the perks of plant parenthood with no strings attached!

 Potting Services

We'd love to take the nerves out of repotting. Bring in any rootbound plant and we'll help you find the right pot, and pot it for you using our speciality soil blends! 

Can't find the service you're looking for?
Hakuna Matata.  Just shoot us an e-mail or fill out the form and we bet we can help you out!

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