Parlor Palm


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Chamaedorea Elegans AKA Neanthe Bella Palm 🌴

Neanthe Bella Palms are native to rainforests in southern Mexico and Guatemala. This plant typically reaches 6ft - 9ft although it can reach upwards of 16 ft. (that's rare though). Neanthe Bella Palms were purchased and used everywhere during the Victorian era due to their relentlessness. Today, they are one of the most common houseplants sold worldwide!



Neanthe Bella Palms do well in low light and low humidity as well as bright indirect light and high humidity.

The palm fronds may begin to droop if the soil becomes too dry.

Neanthe Bella Palms enjoy an extremely well-draining mix. Water until there is a steady flow coming out from the bottom of the pot.

Allow the top 4 inches of soil to dry out completely in-between waterings.